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G Gundam Rate Me!
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Hello, and welcome to G Gundam Rate Me! Like all other rating communities, this community is to rate which G Gundam character you are.

The Characters
Allenby- fun, spirited, energetic
Rain- feminine, intelligent, talented
Chibodee- loud, proud, obnoxious
Sai Saici- mischevious, dexterous, sly
Domon- determined, strong, victorious
George- sensitive, intelligent, noble
Master Asia- cunning, devious, planning
Schwarz- mysterious, enigmatic, skilled
Cecil- sweet, innocent, delicate
Hans- chipper, determined, strong
Gentle Chapman- bitter, cold, ruthless
Michelo- sly, cunning, obnoxious
Kyoji- misunderstood, cruel, dominating
Wong- selfish, devious, evil
Argo- silent, brooding, strong
Nastasha- strict, curt, sharp

The Survey
Please copy and paste the survey below, bolding your answers to each question.

The Rules

1.) Be respectful, please.

2.) If you lash out, be prepared to be struck back. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. I will only step in if it is absolutely necessary.

3.) Please do not bother the maintainers in their personal journals with community-related questions or comments. This is extremely rude and I will ban whoever does this. If the issue is so incredibly urgent that you cannot wait until one of the maintainers is available, you may send an email to shiranami@livejournal.com.

3.) When applying, please place "I trust you forever" somewhere in your application to show that you read the rules.

4.) Your application will be voted on for five days, then you will be stamped.

5.) If you are dissatisfied with who you are stamped as, you may reapply up to three times.

6.) Have fun! Isn't that the point of anime rating communities?

The Banners

Coming soon! I have to screencap them first.

Your friendly maintainers are shiranami, ensignmpls and mirai_noah.